Stabbing Stephanie

by Evan Marshall

Kensington, May, 2001.
Hardcover, 295 pages.
ISBN: 157566657X

Stabbing Stephanie by Evan Marshall Literary agent Jane Stuart is just getting back on her feet. A widow for the past three years, she has her hands full raising her son, keeping her literary agency afloat, and solving the occasional murder. With things finally on track financially, Jane decides it's time for a vacation. But before she can pack her bag, she gets a call from her late husband's cousin Stephanie. It seems that the pretentious and blatantly racist Stephanie is actually moving to Shady Hills, New Jersey to take a job at an upscale boutique publisher, Carson & Hart, Inc., which is run by Faith Hart, a Grace Kelly-like celebrity who was once married to a foreign prince. Stephanie notices that something is not quite right at Carson & Hart, and when murder ensues, Jane goes undercover as an editor to investigate. With the help of her cat Winky, Jane is set to track down a killer, before the killer decides to eliminate her first.

Stabbing Stephanie is the third entry in the delightful cozy series starring Jane Stuart and her cat Winky (See, Missing Marlene and Hanging Hannah). Evan Marshall has a deft hand with dialogue, and his inside look at the life of agents and editors makes for very entertaining reading, indeed. Jane herself is charming, as are her somewhat eccentric neighbors. The small town ambience adds to the intimate feel of the book, and you'll be rooting for Jane every step of the way. If you haven't yet made the acquaintance of Jane, Winky and the inhabitants of Shady Hills, New Jersey, by all means do so. You won't be disappointed.

--Claire E. White

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