Where Dreams Begin by Lisa Kleypas Review

Avon, August 2000.
Paperback, 373 pages.
ISBN: 0380802317.
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Where Dreams Begin
by Lisa Kleypas Being a highborn widow in 1830 London wasn't easy. Lady Holly Taylor had to suffer through three years of mourning, before it was considered acceptable for her to go out in society again. Not that Holly had much wish to go out; she truly loved her husband and misses him dearly. Zachary Bronson is a self-made tycoon, who is handsome and wealthy, but just a bit rough around the edges when it comes to the social graces that the ton values so highly. When an accidental kiss at a party introduces the two, Zachary cannot forget the beautiful but sad widow who so aroused his passions. He arranges for Holly and her daughter to come live with his family, to teach them the social graces. (His sisters really need some tutoring if they are to take their places in the ton.) Holly agrees for the sake of her daughter, and the benefits that the large salary will make in her daughter's life. The tutoring proceeds as planned, but neither Holly nor Zachary planned on falling in love. There are many obstacles to their union, however. Social class distinctions are not so lightly disregarded in this time period, and to Zachary it seems that Holly will never let go of her dead husband's memory in order to find a new life and a new love. And there is also the matter of the promise Holly made to her husband George on his deathbed, one that would prevent her from ever marrying Zachary.

Where Dreams Begin is another absolute gem from Lisa Kleypas. The widow, Holly, is a total departure from most widowed heroines: she actually loved her first husband and misses him dreadfully. Zachary, the self-made man determined to make it in society, is sure to make your heart flutter, and the child Rose is quite charming. Holly and Zachary are a passionate and loving couple, and their story is simply enchanting.

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