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1999 Guide to Literary Agents Edited by Donya Dickerson

Writer's Digest Books, January 1999.
Trade Paperback, 360 pages.
ISBN: 0898798787
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Cover of 1999 Guide to Literary Agents
edited by Donya Dickerson The Guide to Literary Agents is an annual publication providing listings of literary agents including the type of work they seek, what they charge and how to contact them. The book also includes articles that help writers with the complicated process of finding an agent. This year's edition includes articles on choosing the right agent, queries, the author/agent relationship, and electronic rights. The 1999 edition contains 80 new agent listings. Agent listings include fee charging and non-fee charging agents who are seeking seeking book manuscripts and screenplays. The book also includes listings of writing conferences, a glossary and a geographical index so writers can find agents by state.

The 1999 Guide to Literary Agents provides writers with everything they need to know about agents, including how to find them and how to approach them. An invaluable reference for writers looking for their first agent and for authors looking to change representation.

1999 Novel & Short Story Writer's Market Edited by Barbara Kuroff

Writer's Digest Books, January 1999.
Paperback, 678 pages.
ISBN: 0898798760
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1999 Novel & Short Story Writer's Market
edited by Barbara Kuroff The latest edition of this top-notch reference book for fiction writers contains new markets, articles and additional helpful information. Each year the resource contains articles to help fiction writers learn more about the business of fiction writing and interviews with successful authors. This year's edition includes articles on craft and technique, plotting the mystery novel and creating romance characters, as well as interviews with such famous and successful authors as Mary Higgins Clark, Amanda Scott and Olivia Goldsmith. The market listings in the book are broken into several categories including: literary magazines, zines, commercial magazines, book publishers and script publishers. The listings contain detailed contact information, types of material the publisher is seeking, circulation, payment and other pertinent details. Comprehensive listings of literary agents, writers conferences, contests and writer's organizations are also included.

The 1999 edition of the Novel & Short Story Writer's Market is another excellent collection of agents, fiction markets and information about trends in these markets. An information-packed reference for fiction writers trying to find the right markets for their work -- and increase their earnings.

The Economical Guide to Self-Publishing by Linda Foster Radke

Five Star Publications, 1996.
Trade Paperback, 196 pages.
ISBN: 1877749168
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The Economical Guide to Self-Publishing
by Linda Foster Radke Self-publishing, if not done correctly, can lead to costly and ineffective results. This aid, from Linda Foster Radke, helps writers understand the self-publishing process and avoid common mistakes along the way. The book provides information on numerous self-publishing concepts and procedures including: manuscript editing, ISBN numbers, book printing, distribution, self-publishing as a business, publicity, galleys, press releases, author signings, conferences, mailing lists, marketing and sales techniques. A handy appendix in the back of the book includes The A-Z's of self-publishing, listings of useful publications, periodicals, distributors, mailing list sources, sample book covers, business forms, fliers and comment cards.

Writers considering the self-publishing option will find this book to be an excellent guide that provides advice from the early manuscript stages to promotion of the finished product.

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