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Illustrated Dictionary of Mythology by Philip Wilkinson

DK, October 1998.
Hardcover, 128 pages.
ISBN: 078943413X.
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Illustrated Dictionary of Mythology
by Philip Wilkinson This resource contains pictures, descriptions and origins of Gods, Goddesses, heroes, heroines and creatures. The reference covers myths from Africa, Ancient Egypt, India, Persia, Greek, Roman, Norse, China, Japan and others. The book begins with an introduction by author Philip Wilkenson, who highlights the recurring themes in the different religions which include the beginning of the world, similar types of Gods, heroes, tricksters, mythical monsters, animals and plants and the afterlife. Each culture in the book is covered by a different section which includes definitions of prominent figures and creatures in the culture's myths, colorful photographs of deities, creatures and artwork and highlights of each culture's beliefs. The book also contains an index of mythical people, creatures and subjects addressed in the book for easy reference. The Illustrated Dictionary of Mythology is an excellent resource with stunning photographs that bring to life the strange and powerful myths of long ago. Recommended for fantasy writers, students and lovers of ancient myths.

The Neatest Little Guide to Personal Finance by Jason Kelly

Plume, January 1999.
Trade Paperback, 215 pages.
ISBN: 0452280613.
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The Neatest Little Guide to Personal Finance
by Jason Kelly The Neatest Little Guide to Personal Finance is a reference for those who need to restructure their personal finances and learn how to manage their money. Coverage in the book includes calculating net worth, tracking expenses, spending plans, bad debts, credit cards, car loans, home loans, student loans, banking, investing, retirement, insurance, taxes and worksheets. Tables, charts, calculations and real-world examples help illustrate the text.

Author Jason Kelly writes that everything you need to know about money is "Spend less than you earn, invest the difference, and protect what you have." For many people, that statement is much easier to say than to put in to practice. However, Kelly's book helps makes following this advice easier by explaining everything from simple tasks such as balancing a checkbook to more complex subjects including bankruptcy, investing and insurance. Both easy-to-follow and informative, this book can teach and motivate you to get out of debt and achieve your personal finance goals.

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