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The New York Public Library Desk Reference edited by Paul Fargis

Macmillan, September 1998.
Hardcover, 1040 pages.
ISBN: 0028621697.
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The New York Public Library Desk Reference
edited by Paul Fargis This comprehensive general reference book provides answers to commonly sought questions, based on the questions asked of librarians at the New York Public Library. The book provides information on numerous subjects including the visual arts, entertainment, etiquette, religions, literature, philosophy, sports, history, grammar and punctuation, health and nutrition, personal finances, science, travel, useful addresses, the United States and the World. Information is portrayed through descriptions, diagrams, charts, graphs, tables and full-color illustrations. The book is perfect for numerous quick-reference searches for such things as historical facts and dates, answers to trivia questions, time zones, famous people's birthdays, inventors, fact-checking, states flowers and birds, calculating interest, taxonomy, abbreviations and symbols. The book also provides web addresses to valuable online resources.

The Desk Reference is a great research time-saver that will give you answers quickly without having to reference a number of different books. It is an invaluable book for general home reference and an excellent research aide for students and writers.

The Sophisticated Cookie by Jeanne Benedict

HPBooks, September 1998.
Trade Paperback, 198 pages.
ISBN: 1557882940.
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The Sophisticated Cookie
by Jeanne Benedict Get ready for the Holiday season -- caterer to the stars Jeanne Benedict has created a mouth-watering, delectable collection of "sophisticated" cookies. But, be warned, these cookies are 90 proof! Benedict created a dazzling array of unusual cookies based on her favorite cocktails. With the addition of liquor to every recipe, suddenly the everyday cookie takes on a whole new dimension. With such intriguing offerings as Brandy Alexander Crunchies, Passionate Florentines, Brandy-Eggnog Cookies and Black Russian Espresso Cookies, your stock as a host or hostess is sure to rise if you add some of these delights to your Holiday menu. Also included is an introductory section describing baking with liquors, a glossary, tips on making inexpensive yet show-stopping gifts and an appendix describing all the various liquors Benedict uses in her baking. A must-have for the dedicated cookie baker looking for something interesting and unusual to add to his/her repertoire.

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