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New Astronomer by Carole Strott

DK Publishing, April 1999.
Hardcover, 144 pages.
ISBN: 0789441756.
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New Astronomer
by Carole Strott New Astronomer is a colorful guide to skywatching with advice and instruction on how to use binoculars, telescopes and other skywatching equipment, special procedures and techniques for watching the stars and the best times of the night and dates to observe the sky. The reference also includes a comprehensive star guide, with detailed descriptions and explanations of planets, stars and constellations. The star guide also includes a section about observing each of the planets, with a map showing the best times to observe each planet through the year 2010. Special sections about natural sky phenomena such as: eclipses, meteor showers, nebulae, aurora, comets, galaxies and constellations are also included. The book also comes with a planisphere, which is a movable star guide that points you to the stars in your geographic location at a specific time of observing. New Astronomer is an exciting reference for amateur astronomers with complete star guides, fabulous illustrations and all the techniques and tools you need to know for premium stargazing.

Regional Foods of Southern Italy by Marlena De Blasi

Viking, August 1999.
Hardcover, 270 pages.
ISBN: 0670883840.
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Regional Foods of Southern Italy
by Marlena De Blasi Marlenda De Blasi brings her love of Italy's food and culture to your kitchen table with this fine collection of anecdotes and recipes from Southern Italy. Marlenda begins each section with a description of the region and its food. She covers several regions of Southern Italy including: Abruzzo, Basilicata, Campania, Calabria, Lazio, Sardegna and Sicilia. The recipe entries include a detailed description of how to create each recipe, a list of ingredients and the number each recipes serves. Merlenda also includes a story about her discovery of the recipes above many of the recipe listings. Some of the delicious recipes found in the collection include: Abbacchio Pasquale (lamb roast), Salsicce di Agnello alla Brace (wood-grilled lamb sausage), La Genovse (beef braised with onions and white wine), Braciole di Vitello del Portinaio (veal rolls), Crema di Ricotta (ricotta cream), Pomodori All Brace (wood-roasted tomatoes), Carciofi Arrostiti di Crolone (roasted artichockes), Un Gelato Barocco (a baroque gelato) and Mazzamurru (Sardinian bread pudding). In addition to the 150+ recipes, the book also includes a list of mail-order addresses, a glossary and a French and English index. This cookbook is a sequel to Marlenda De Blasi's other cookbook, Regional Foods of Northern Italy. Both her previous book and her latest effort covering Southern Italy provide great reading and great Italian recipes. A must-have for cooks who love Southern Italian food.

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