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Money Club by Marilyn Crockett and Diane Terman Felenstine with Dale Burg

Fireside, September 1998.
Trade Paperback, 318 pages.
ISBN: 0684846055.
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Money Club
by Marilyn Crockett and Diane Terman Felenstine with Dale Burg Targeted at women, single or married, this financial reference aides women who are seeking knowledge on how to improve their personal finances. The book is based on the successes of a group of women, "The Money Club", who joined together to learn more about their finances. The book covers numerous financial topics such as: choosing a financial advisor, investing, savings, insurance, retirement and estate planning. The book also provides advice on what to do financially when major changes occur in your life such as marriage, divorce and death, and how to be prepared for life's transitions. In addition to the advice, the book also contains a resource section which lists what items should belong in your financial files and what should be in your safety deposit box.

The Money Club provides practical advice and acts a confidence booster for women having trouble asserting themselves when it comes to financial matters. A valuable aid for women seeking financial information targeted specifically to them.

Tripod's Tools for Life by Matt Goldberg

Hyperion, September 1998.
Trade Paperback, 354 pages.
ISBN: 0786883324.
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Tripod's Tools for Life
by Matt Goldberg Tripod is an online community that offers free webpages to its members. Tripod's Tools for Life, written by the editors of Tripod is a reference guide for navigating life with a web surfing slant. The guide includes suggestions from Tripod members and links to resources available online. The resource covers subjects such as The Net (webpages, shopping and searching), Work (internships and telecommuting), Home (apartment hunting, moving, and fix-it basics), Food (kitchen basics, homebrewing and wine), Health (insurance, cigarettes and STDs) and Money (credit cards, investing and retirement). Each section includes informative text, tips from Tripod members and website reviews with web addresses.

Tripod's Tools for Life is a valuable compendium of streetsmart solutions to everyday problems and website reviews which should appeal to the generation X crowd. A great

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