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Eyewitness Travel Guides Rome: Millennium Edition by DK Publishing

DK Publishing, October 1999.
Trade Paperback, 432 pages.
ISBN: 0789448912.
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Eyewitness Travel Guides Rome: Millennium Edition
by DK Publishing Travelers to Rome can find everything they need about what to do, where to stay, where to eat and how to do it in this comprehensive travel guide. The guide includes information about the different parts of Rome, including the Capitol, the Forum, the Palatine, the Esquiline, the Caracalla, the Aventine, the Janiculum and the Vatican. These sections include photographs and information about the architecture, sites and things to do. Detailed floor plans and illustrations of famous buildings and special tourist sites are also provided. The book also contains extensive listings of places to stay, restaurants and cafes, shops and markets and entertainment. Also included is a valuable street finder with detailed maps and a section providing general information for travelers including security, etiquette, banking, telephones, airports and transportation. As always, DK provides a travel guide which is as beautiful as it is practical. Don't forget this one on your next trip to Italy.

Lyle Official Antiques Review 2000 by Anthony Curtis

Perigee, October 1999.
Trade Paperback, 672 pages.
ISBN: 0399525459.
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Lyle Official Antiques Review 2000
by Anthony Curtis The Lyle Review provides dealers and collectors with current values and information for over 5,000 antiques. Antiques are listed in a variety of categories which include clocks, glassware, toys, dishes, furniture, mirrors, prints, jewelry, silver and other collectibles. Each antique listing includes the item's current value, a photograph and a brief description. An index in the back of the book allows readers to quickly find a particular antique. The Lyle Official Antiques Review 2000 is the authoritative price and reference guide for antique lovers and traders.

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