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The American Eagle by John Pezzenti, Jr.

Viking Studio, October 1999.
Hardcover, 136 pages.
ISBN: 0670884480.
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The American Eagle
by John Pezzenti, Jr. American Eagle is an inspiring and awesome photographic story of the survival of the Bald Eagle. Each image in the book brings to life the magnificence and power of this wonderful creature. The photographs come from a variety of Bald Eagle natural habitats including Alaska, Maine and the Northeastern United States, and are the result of an impressive twenty year photographic study of the Bald Eagle in the wild. The birds are shown in their natural habitats, flying, resting, socializing, and hunting. The pictures of the newly-hatched birds are truly amazing -- one wonders how Pezzenti managed to get those photos and still emerge unscathed.

Author and professional photographer John Pezzenti is well-known for his stunning work in Alaska : A Photographic Journey Through the Last Wilderness, which covered the Alaskan wildlife and wilderness. Here, in American Eagle, he uses his photographic genius to bring wonder and beauty to readers with this fascinating story about the comeback of the bald eagle, our national bird. A treasure for nature lovers and patriots alike.

Astronomer's Computer Companion by Jeff Foust and Ron Lafon

No Starch Press, October 1999.
Trade Paperback, 474 pages.
ISBN: 1886411220.
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Astronomer's Computer Companion
by Jeff Foust and Ron Lafon Astronomers have a new world opened up to them, thanks to computer software and web resources dedicated to astronomy. This specialty guide lists the best websites and software, with instructions about how to use them and where to find them. The book list resources which cover space topics, such as stars, planets, the moon, the Sun, supernovas, pulsars, black holes, quasars and other space phenomena. Also provided are specific sections about using software and web resources, including using software to track the movement of planets and asteroids, generate star charts and log sightings, using the Internet to access high-powered remote telescopes and information about astronomy newsgroups and mailing lists. Information about basic astronomy principles and concepts are also provided throughout the text. The enclosed CD-ROM includes software programs and tools, colorful graphic images, animations, movies and an electronic version of the book with live web links.

The Astronomer's Computer Companion is an excellent introduction to the best that the Web and computers have to offer amateur astronomers. Author Jeff Foust, the editor of the online space news resource SpaceViews, has collected information that will amaze readers about how useful and exciting the new technology has made the field of astronomy. Home astronomers will want to get a copy and start participating in the exploration of the Universe first hand.

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