Dark Truth by Mariah Stewart Review

Ballantine, October, 2005
Paperback, 324 pages
ISBN: 0345476697
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Dark Truth
by Mariah Stewart Just as she was about to join the sorority she wanted and move on campus to get away from her stepmother, college student Nina Madden's life was turned upside down. Her beloved professor father was accused and convicted of being the notorious Stone River Rapist, which turned Nina and her stepmother into pariahs overnight. Now, six year later, her father is dead and new evidence has come to light that suggests her father was innocent. Now a new series of killings is happening in Stone River which are very similar to those committed by the Stone River Rapist. Determined to find out the truth, Nina begins to dig into the past. But a killer doesn't want that to happen, and Nina is in danger of being the next victim.

Dark Truth is the third in the gripping trilogy of related thrillers which began with Cold Truth and Hard Truth. Mariah Stewart has a unique voice: her stories always flow so well, and her characters have interesting and believable voices. With interesting plot twists and a high level of suspense, Dark Truth is an absorbing tale of one woman's journey into the past and her search for the truth.

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