Conflict, Action & Suspense by Willliam Noble Review

by Editor

Writer's Digest Books, May 1999.
Trade Paperback, 185 pages.
ISBN: 0898799074

Conflict, Action & Suspense by William Noble

In this fiction writer's aide, author William Noble provides insightful instruction on developing conflict and drama by focusing on what readers want to get out of the writer-reader partnership. Noble explains that "conflict only works when we appreciate that the reader will be moved by it, and we should know that in the writer-reader partnership it is the reader's reaction we strive for." Noble uses this concept to teach writers how to hold the reader's attention and other techniques to build suspense. Some of the concepts covered in the reference book include: stage-setting, openings, cliff-hangers, dialogue, mood, atmosphere, character development, point of view, misdirection, time and place, pacing and endings. Noble also provides examples, plot ideas and sample dialogue to help get his message across to the novice fiction writer. The author also explains the techniques of popular fiction writers. Noble writes that "one of Alfred Hitchcock's most useful techniques was to take innocent characters and put them into a bizarre situation." In the book he explains how to use this technique to develop your own story.

This fiction writing aide contains valuable advice and examples which show the reader how to write suspense fiction that excites and entertains readers. A valuable reference for fiction writers.

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