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MySQL by Paul DuBois

New Riders, January 2000.
Trade Paperback, 756 pages.
ISBN: 0735709211
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by Paul DuBois MySQL is an exciting tool for developing Web-based databases. This comprehensive reference explains the fundamentals of MySQL, including working with MySQL databases and MySQL programming -- writing programs that access MySQL databases for use on the Web. The book also covers topics of interest to MySQL administrators, including handling user accounts, database back-ups and security issues. Some of the concepts covered in the book include MySQL basics, database terminology, MySQL data types, MySQL syntax, SQL, query optimization, C API, Perl DBI, PHP, MySQL administration, MySQL data directory, security and database maintenance and repair. Reference sections covering MySQL installation, MySQL data types, operators and functions, SQL syntax, C API, Perl DBI API, PHP API and internet service providers are also included.

Paul DuBois has compiled a great deal of information into this resource, with plenty of detailed instructions and examples to help readers understand database and MySQL programming concepts. MySQL is a great learning tool for newcomers to the MySQL language and a handy reference book for MySQL administrators and programmers.

PHP Pocket Reference by Rasmus Lerdorf

O'Reilly, April 2000.
Paperback, 114 pages.
ISBN: 1565927699
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PHP Pocket Reference
by Rasmus Lerdorf PHP is a time-saving HTML scripting language for handling form processing and online databases without having to use cumbersome CGI scripts. This guide contains information about commonly referenced PHP topics such as language syntax, variables, data types, expressions, intelligent form handling and web database integration. Also included are quick reference lists of functions and their uses, such as array functions, database functions, date/time functions, math functions and string functions. The guide's author, Rasmus Lerdorf, created the PHP language in 1995 and remains active in its development. PHP Pocket Reference is a handy, quick-reference guide for PHP users.

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