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Articles and Author Essays:

Article: More on Napalm by Alex Keegan
Alex Keegan calls it napalm: a burning, intense moment that really sticks with the reader. In his new article, Alex provides more examples of the concept of napalm from stories by Nathan Englander, Raymond Carver and his students. Napalm moments turn a great story into an unforgettable one, and Alex shows you how to incorporate a little napalm into your writing.

Author Essay: The Reader by Jane Porter
Jane Porter, author of The Frog Prince (Warner Books) and Flirting With Forty (5 Spot), has loved books and libraries ever since she was a child. She shared her love of books with students as an English teacher. Books have always been a major theme in her life: she buys bookshelves by the half dozen in order to store all the books she collects. Where does this passionate love affair with books come from? And how does it affect her writing? Jane discusses her feelings on books and writing in her essay, "The Reader."

Author Essay: Forget the Mommy Wars, Try Martinis by Brett Paesel
Are working mothers and stay-at-home moms on the brink of war? Are mothers really taking sides against each other and secretly thinking that the other side has it easier and is better off? Are all the mommies really furious? That's what the news media seems to want us to think, but is it actually true? Brett Paesel, the author of Mommies Who Drink: Sex, Drugs, and Other Distant Memories of an Ordinary Mom (Warner Books), thinks there's a better way. She explores the issue in her article, "Forget the Mommy Wars, Try Martinis."

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