Recently Updated Writer's Markets

Here is a list of writer's markets that have recently been added or updated. This can be helpful for writers looking fresh markets and information. To browse by category and other options return to the Writer's Guidelines homepage.

The New Yorker: The New Yorker is a widely known for its political commentary and coverage of New York culture. The publication's reach extends far outside NYC. The magazine is read around the globe. It is also known its iconic cover art. The weekly magazine is published by Conde Nast. (2022-03-18)

Cemetery Dance : Cemetery Dance is bi-monthly magazine of horror, dark mystery, and suspense. Each issue contains short stories, articles, columns, interviews, news, and reviews. (2021-03-18)

Quilter's World: Quilters World is a busy quilter's dream come true. This title focuses on speed-quilting techniques that make it possible to complete a full-size quilt in a short time. (2020-06-02)

Crab Orchard Review: Crab Orchard Review is an online literary magazine seeking diverse voices capturing the range of contemporary American writing. It is published at Southern Illinois University. (2019-09-02)

Missouri Review, The: The Missouri Review is an award-winning literary publication featuring fiction, poetry, nonfiction, features and interviews. (2019-09-02)

The Adroit Journal: The Adroit Journal showcases what its global staff of emerging writers sees as the future of poetry, prose, and art. (2019-08-27)

The Southern Review: The Southern Review is a literary journal that strives to discover and promote a diverse array of engaging, relevant, and challenging literature as well as the est established and emerging writers. (2019-08-22)

Mid-American Review: Mid-American Review (MAR) is an international literary journal publishing stories, poems, essays and reviews. It is published at Bowling Green State University. (2019-08-15)

Clarkesworld: Clarkesworld is an award-winning science fiction and fantasy magazine that publishes short stories, interviews, articles and audio fiction. (2019-08-12)

Superstition Review: Superstition Review is an online literary magazine published by Arizona State University twice yearly in May and December. (2019-08-08)

Beneath Ceaseless Skies: Beneath Ceaseless Skies is a literary adventure fantasy magazine. BCS describes literary adventure fantasy as "fantasy set in secondary-world or historical paranormal settings, written with a literary focus on the characters." (2019-08-04)

American Spectator, The: The American Spectator was founded in 1924. It features articles on politics and Americana. (2019-05-11)

Reptiles Magazine: Reptiles is a monthly magazine that caters to reptile and amphibian hobbyists at all levels of experience, from beginner to veteran (2019-05-05)

Parade Magazine: Each Sunday, Parade Magazine's articles and columns educate, entertain and empower readers across the United States. (2019-03-16)

Analog Science Fiction & Fact: Analog Science Fiction features science fiction short stories by current authors, science fact articles, and book reviews. (2019-03-03)

Devozine: Devozine is a devotional magazine from The Upper Room. It designed just for teens, written by young people and by adults who love them. (2019-03-01)

N+1: n+1 is a print and digital magazine of literature, culture, and politics. The print magazine is published three times per year. N+1 also publishes online-only content. (2019-02-15)

A Public Space: A Public Space is an award-winning literary, arts, and culture magazine. A Public Space also has a books division. (2019-02-15)

Beloit Poetry Journal, The: The mission of the Beloit Poetry Journal is to seek out and share work of fresh and lasting power. The BPJ has been publishing poetry since 1950. (2019-02-15)

The Society of Classical Poets: The Society of Classical Poets was founded in 2012. The non-profit is dedicated to the revival and proliferation of good, new poetry. The organization publishes poetry online and in its annual journal. The SCP's journal contains poetry as well as essays, reviews and art. (2019-02-15)

Horse, The: Monthly, all-breed, all-discipline equine health publication. (2019-02-04)

Twins: Twins is a bimonthly, international publication that provides informational and educational articles on parenting twins, triplets and more. Twins describes itself as the "bible of parenting multiples." (2019-02-01)

Michigan Quarterly Review : Michigan Quarterly Review, founded in 1962, is the University of Michigan's flagship journal, publishing each season a collection of essays, interviews, memoirs, fiction, poetry, and book reviews. (2019-01-29)

Fun for Kidz: Fun For Kidz is a magazine created for boys and girls from 6 to 13 years, with youngsters 8, 9, and 10 the specific target age. (2019-01-28)

Backpacker Magazine: Backpacker provides lively, informative features and departments on self-propelled, self-contained wilderness activities. (2019-01-25)

Diagram: Diagram is an electronic journal of text and art that describes itself as "odd but good." New Michigan Press is the publisher for the Diagram series of anthologies. (2019-01-20)

Harper's Magazine : Harper's magazine offers original journalism and award-winning essays, fiction, and reporting to inform readers on political, literary, cultural, and scientific affairs. (2019-01-17)

Cineaste : Cineaste is a quarterly magazine (founded in 1967) which offers a social, political and esthetic perspective on the cinema. (2019-01-14)

New Mexico Magazine: New Mexico Magazine covers the people, culture, arts, history and landscape of New Mexico for a highly educated readership from every corner of the world. (2019-01-14)

Pittsburgh Magazine: Pittsburgh Magazine is a monthly magazine serving Western Pennsylvania. The magazine covers local personalities, food, recreation, culture, politics, history, travel and more. (2019-01-13)

Leading Edge Magazine: Leading Edge is a science fiction and fantasy magazine dedicated to the presentation of new and upcoming talent. The magazine is affiliated with and run through Brigham Young University. (2019-01-13)

Redbook: Redbook is targeted to young married women between 25 and 44 who define themselves as smart, capable, and happy with their lives. (2019-01-10)

Free Spirit Publishing: We publish high-quality nonfiction books for children and teens, parents, teachers, counselors, and others who live with or work with young people. Free Spirit produces 20–25 new titles each year. (2019-01-05)

Western New York Family Magazine: Western New York Family Magazine is a regional parenting publication and a member of the Parenting Publications of America (PPA) (2019-01-05)

Tin House: Tin House is a literary print and online magazine. It is also a book publisher as the independent press Tin House Books. (2019-01-03)

Primary Treasure and Our Little Friend: Our Little Friend and Primary Treasure are both spiritually oriented magazines written for children and given to the children who attend Sabbath School at a Seventh-day Adventist Church. OLF has been published since 1980 and PT since 1957. (2019-01-03)

Yoga Journal, The: Yoga Journal covers health, nutrition trends, personal growth, fitness and more. The magazine says it offers "all practitioners-from beginners to masters-expert information on how to live a healthier, happier, more fulfilling life both on and off the mat." (2019-01-03)

Magical Blend: Magical Blend accepts the premise that society is undergoing a fundamental transformation. A new world view is being born, and whether this birth is to be an easy or difficult one will depend largely upon the individual. (2019-01-01)

Zyzzyva: A San Francisco journal of arts and letters. (2019-01-01)

Blue Ridge Country: Blue Ridge Country is a bi-monthly, full-color magazine embracing the feel and spirit of the Blue Ridge region--the traditions and recipes, the husbandry and farming, the country stores and bed-and-breakfast inns, the things to visit and learn about. (2018-11-25)

Anotherealm: Anotherealm is a monthly magazine featuring science fiction, fantasy and horror. (2018-11-14)

Writer's Digest: Writer's Digest is a monthly handbook for writers who want to get more out of their writing. (2018-11-11)

Utne Reader: The Utne Reader, a guide for balanced living, includes original essays and the best articles from more than 2,000 alternative media sources. (2018-11-05)

Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine : Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine is a monthly publication that presents stories packed with suspense, mystery, and intrigue. (2018-11-03)

Elks Magazine: The Elks Magazine is published 10 times a year for the 1.2 million members of the Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks. (2018-11-03)