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As we mentioned on our email marketing page the very best tip is don't spam and don't violate the CAN-SPAM Act. People are more reluctant to subscribe to email lists these days but they still do it, especially if has information that will help them.

Here are some quick tips and simple methods for growing your subscriber list. The most important lesson, unless you have a big promotional budget or a large, active reader base to begin with, is patience. If you pay attention to your readers, work hard and produce an excellent newsletter your subscriber list will grow.
  1. Fine tune your welcome letter. The welcome letter is the letter your readers receive when they first sign up. This is your first contact with your new subscribers, so make it friendly and professional.

  2. Have a regular publishing schedule. Be consistent. Readers will get used to receiving your newsletter and it will become part of their regular routine.

  3. Be quick to respond to administrative problems and requests, such as unsubscribe messages, complaints, requests for another copy, etc.

  4. This may seem obvious, but you must provide informative, error-free copy. If you provide information that is helpful and informative to your readers, then your subscriber base will grow. Minimizing the amount of errors in your copy is also important. Try to find at least one other person to proofread each issue. This also applies if you run a moderated discussion list -- be sure to weed out inappropriate and hard to read emails, so your readers don't have to deal with them.

  5. Advertise your newsletter prominently on your website. You should also provide an online form where your visitors can easily subscribe to receive your newsletter. A sample copy of your newsletter should also be displayed. You can even provide archived issues on the website. If you don't already have a website, then by all means get one.

  6. List your privacy policy on your website and in your newsletter itself. Let your readers know that you will not resell their names and email addresses. If you are going to swap reader lists with other commercial listowners, disclose this to subscribers.

  7. Exchange ads with similar newsletters. This is also known as ad-swapping.

  8. List your email newsletter in mailing list and newsletter directories.

  9. Let your readers know they can forward their issue on to their friends, so long as they keep the issue intact, including all the copyright information. Encourage this activity.

  10. If you have a marketing budget for your newsletter, then take out some online ads. Online advertising is an effective way to grow traffic more quickly. Try a variety of ads, including advertising in other newsletters, banner ads and classified ads.

  11. Put a short description and website link to your newsletter's webpage in the signature line of your email. This way you will promote yourself through your emails. However, be sure not to spam newsgroups or send unsolicited emails about your newsletter. This can generate complaints, ill-will and damage your brand name. Nothing irritates people more than being subscribed without their knowledge to some newsletter they've never heard of.

  12. Write articles for other newsletters or publications and mention your newsletter in your bio. This can be very effective, especially if your article appears on a high-trafficked website.
These are just a few principles and tips to get you started. As your newsletter grows, be sure to listen to what your readers have to say, and concentrate on providing a high quality product.

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