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ACX is a service that converts books into audiobooks. ACX stands for Audiobook Creation Exchange. ACX bills itself as "the first marketplace where professional rights holders and producers connect to create audiobooks." The service is a division of Audible, which is owned by Amazon. ACX audiobooks are sold on Amazon, Audible and iTunes.

ACX has three different options when it comes to royalty share and payment for production and distribution of your audiobook. These include a royalty share option and two pay for production options. You can find a chart explaining the three different options here on You can use different options for different books.

You can narrate your own book or have it narrated for you. If it is narrated for you then you share your audiobook royalties with the narrator. ACX lets you listen to sample narrations when you are looking for a producer. You can also review auditions before selecting a narrator.

ACX has a step-by-step guide here that takes authors through the following ten steps:
  1. Confirm you have the audio rights to your book
  2. Create a Title Profile on ACX
  3. Find a Producer to narrate your book
  4. Review Auditions from interested producers
  5. Make a Deal with a producer
  6. Get started with the producer
  7. Approve the final product
  8. Distribute your audiobook
  9. Promote your new audiobook
  10. Earn monthly digital royalties on your audiobook sales

Narrate Your Own Book

If you have a good speaking voice you can narrate your own book. You will keep more of your audiobook revenues by doing this. ACX says, "It's your book, so your voice tells it best. You know your characters, your story or subject, and your words better than anyone else. Narrating is a creative way of expressing your thoughts to listeners, just like articulating them on paper is a way to express yourself to readers."

You will have to make an audio recording of you reading your book and then upload it to ACX. ACX also provides this video for authors interested in narrating their own books.

Narrate Books for Others

ACX is also looking for actors and producers. You can make yourself available for audio recordings by adding a listing and audio samples.

Audiobook Promotion

ACX also provides some promotional advice and tips here. You can also find advice for promoting books in general in our book promotion section.