Accepts Email Submissions: yes

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Description: GreenPrints is a personal garden magazine about the joy, heart and soul of gardening.

Editor(s): Pat Stone

Needs: Good stories and poems. They are primarily looking for personal gardening stories. The editor says, "A good, entertaining, clever, moving, funny story. One with, you know, a narrative. A plot. Where something happens—something remarkable, touching, unexpected, hilarious. Let me say it again: a good story. One you’d like to hear or read. Most especially, a true story. Something special that happened to you. That’s the garden writing I most want."

Length: No more than 2,000 words.

Payment: $150 maximum and often less for stories. $20 for poems.

Tips: Include a cover letter with something that can be used for the contributor's page if your work is accepted.

How to Submit: Submissions are accepted by mail or e-mail.

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Address: Pat Stone, Ed.
GreenPrints P.O. Box 1355 Fairview NC 28730

This listing was last reviewed and/or updated on 2018-06-13