Bible Advocate

Publisher: Bible Advocate Press

Established: 1863

Frequency: 10 issues per year

Accepts Email Submissions: Yes

Website URL:

Description: The Bible Advocate is one of the oldest religious magazines in America, founded in 1863.

Needs: The Bible Advocate is geared to help Christians understand and obey God's Word, with articles on Bible doctrine, current social and religious issues, Christian living, Bible topics, textual or biblical book studies, prophecy, and personal experience. We also print fillers (sidebars), opinion pieces, and poetry (traditional, free, and blank verse).

Rights: We buy first, electronic, and one-time rights. We also accept reprints and simultaneous submissions.

Payment: We pay an honorarium, on publication, of $25 per printed magazine page, up to $55, for print and electronic rights. Online articles run $25-$55, depending on published length. For poetry, we pay $20. However, for opinion pieces, we only pay in copies of the magazine.

Tips: Articles must be in keeping with the doctrinal understanding of the Church of God (Seventh Day). Therefore, the writer should become familiar with what the Church generally accepts as truth as set forth in its doctrinal beliefs.

Guidelines Url:

Address: Editor, Bible Advocate P.O. Box 33677 Denver CO 80233 USA

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