Writing Instruments

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Here we discuss writing instruments including pen, pencils, typewriters and more. This section also includes coverage of paper and related writing supplies.

  • New Technology Lets People Write in Cursive Using Only Their Eyes (2012-07-26): Scientists have created a technology that enables people to write in cursive using only their eyes.

  • Last Typewriter Factory in the World Shut Down (2011-04-26): The Daily Mail reports that Godrej and Boyce has has shut down its typewriter production plant in Mumbai, India.

  • Interest in Vintage Typewriters on the Rise (2011-03-31): The New York Times has an interesting article that says typewriters are making a comeback.

  • Scientists Create World's Smallest Writing (2008-10-29): Researchers from Osaka University created an atomic pen that can write in the world's smallest letters

  • Inkless Metal Pen (2007-01-18): Gizmodo reports that a stainless steel metal pen writes without using any ink.

  • Write on Water (2006-08-13): Someday we may all be able to write on water thanks to a new invention.

  • Margaret Atwood's Remote-Controlled Autograph Signing Machine Now a Reality (2006-02-21): Booker Award-winning author Margaret Atwood is formally introducing her infamous remote control autograph-signing device.

  • Larry McMurtry Wins Golden Globe for Brokeback Mountain, Thanks Typewriter (2006-01-17): Larry McMurty and Dianna Osanna won the Golden Globe for Best Screeplay.

  • Extremely Thin Writing Created With an Electro Pen (2005-08-31): Scientists at U.

  • Writers Go Green (2005-08-03): USA Today reports on the growing use of green printing methods in the book industry and it's mostly because a small but growing number of authors are asking for it.

  • Writing Instruments Market Grows Despite Digital Revolution (2003-10-24): Sales of writing instruments have remained strong, despite the advancements and growth of popularity of the PC, Internet, PDAs and other such technology.