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This section contains posts from our blogs that offer writing advice from famous and established writers. You can also find lots of writing advice in our articles.

  • Mark Twain Offers Sage Advice to Young Writer in Famous Letter Up for Auction (2018-09-05): Mark Twain offers sage advice to a young writer interested in writing a novel in a famous letter that is up for auction.

  • John Grisham Shares Writing Tips and Talks Plotting (2017-06-07): John Grisham reveals that his new novel is a beach read. One of the characters is a struggling writer. Rare F. Scott Fitzgerald manuscripts are stolen in the mystery novel.

  • Colum McCann Discusses His New Writing Book With PBS NewsHour (2017-04-05): Colum McCann discussed his new writing book with PBS NewsHour. The book is called Letters to a Young Writer.

  • Toni Morrison Discusses Why Good is More Interesting Than Evil (2016-02-13): Nobel Laureate Toni Morrison discusses good and evil characters in novels and why she hates the name of her novel God Help the Child.

  • Time Magazine's Advice to Women Authors in the 1960s (2015-08-04): Time magazine did a piece in the 1960s telling women authors how to promote their books. First up is to exercise in a bikini. The other tips are just as useful.

  • Stephen King Short Story Collection Will Include Writing Advice (2015-03-19): Stephen King will publish a short story collection called The Bazaar of Bad Dreams in November. Each story will include a writerly commentary on the motivation and origins.

  • Newly Discovered Oscar Wilde Letter Contains Writing Advice (2013-03-28): The Telegraph reports that a previously unseen Oscar Wilde letter has been found.

  • John Hodgman's Advice to Aspiring Writers (2013-01-22): Author, actor and former literary agent John Hodgman gives some pithy advice to aspiring writers.

  • Jerry Seinfeld Explains How He Writes Jokes (2012-12-22): Jerry Seinfeld talks about comedy writing and how he writes a joke in this video from the New York Times.

  • John Irving Writes the Last Sentence of the Story First (2012-06-26): John Irving talked about his writing process with Time magazine. He says he writes the last sentence of a story first.

  • Neil Gaiman Shares His Secrets for Freelancers (2012-06-03): Neil Gaiman gave the Commencement Address to the University of the Arts in Philadelphia.

  • Jackie Collins Explains Her Decision to Self-Publish, Gives Advice to Writers (2012-04-25): Bestselling author Jackie Collins raised some eyebrows when she decided to self-publish a book.

  • Martin Amis Talks Aging and the Writing Process (2011-10-15): Last week at the Hay Festival in Mexico, Martin Amis gave a wide-ranging talk about how a writer ages and how he approaches writing.

  • Harlan Coben Reveals His Three Steps For Being a Successful Writer (2011-09-06): New York Times bestselling author Harlan Coben shares his secrets for writing in a great new article he wrote for The Wall Street Journal called "Want to Be a Great Writer? Follow These Three Steps.

  • Elmore Leonard Talks Characters, Writing Process (2010-03-28): Time asked author Elmore Leonard ten questions.

  • Barack Obama's Writing Advice (2008-07-15): Barack Obama gave out some writing advice the other day, in response to a question from a supporter.

  • Phillip Margolin Gives Some Writing Advice (2008-07-03): Phillip Margolin discusses his work habits and his new legal thriller, Executive Privilege, in which the president of the United States is a suspect in a terrible crime.

  • Universities Obtain Standring's Column Writing Advice Book (2008-06-04): Editor & Publisher reports that column-writing courses at two universities will be using Suzette Martinez Standring's book The Art of Column Writing.

  • What Makes a Bestseller? (2007-05-14): The New York Times ponders the book publishing business and why it's so difficult to predict which books will be bestsellers.

  • Jim Harrison Talks Writing (2005-12-22): The Book Standard's Kimberly Maul interviews Jim Harrison, the author of Legends of the Fall, the set of three novellas that was the inspiration for the feature film starring Brad Pitt.