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Here are the latest posts about Speechwriting on Writers Write:

  • Melania Trump's RNC Speech Triggers Plagiarism Allegations (2016-07-19): Melania Trump gave an excellent speech at the RNC last night. But now she is being accused of plagiarism Michelle Obama's 2008 speech to the DNC.

  • Hamilton Author Lin-Manuel Miranda's Inspiring Commencement Speech at University of Pennsylvania (2016-05-18): Hamilton writer Lin-Manuel Miranda gave an excellent commencement speech at the University of Pennsylvania. He discusses the power of story and its link to creativity.

  • President Obama Inauguration Speech Word Cloud (2009-01-20): Above is a word cloud for President Obama's speech today at the Inauguration ceremony created by Wordle.

  • The Top 100 Speeches of the 20th Century (2005-05-22): Who has the "power of rhetorical eloquence" in America? That was the question addressed by Stephen E.

  • The Author and the Inaugural Speech (2005-01-27): How's this for a book blurb: "If you want a glimpse of how I think about foreign policy, read Natan Sharansky's book.

  • Plagiarism No Bar to Top Speechwriting Job (2005-01-07): Apparently, plagiarism charges just aren't that damaging anymore.

  • Top Bush Speechwriter Turns in His Pen (2005-01-06): President Bush's chief speechwriter, Michael Gerson, is expected to be replaced by William McGurn of The Wall Street Journal.

  • Writing the Concession Speech (2004-11-03): Now that Senator Kerry has called President Bush to concede the presidential race, he has one last task in this campaign: to give a concession speech to his crushed followers.

  • Who Wrote JFK's Greatest Speech? (2004-10-23): An entire industry has seemingly sprung up to debunk all of our most cherished myths about our nation's leaders.

  • Will the Bush Twins' Speechwriter Please Stand Up? (2004-08-31): In a groan-inducing, awkward monologue that brought the proceedings temporarily to a screeching halt, Jenna and Barbara Bush introduced their father via satellite at the Republican National Convention.

  • No Writer's Block for John Kerry (2004-07-15): So how does a presidential candidate write that all-important acceptance speech at his party's convention? This Associated Press story has some fascinating tidbits about John Kerry's writing process for his big speech at the Democratic National Convention at the end of July.