William Shakespeare

William Shakespeare is widely considered to be one of the greatest English writers. He wrote dozens of plays that are still referenced and produced today. You can find more coverage of the Bard on our William Shakespeare section. Here is the latest Shakespeare posts on Writers Write:

  • Jonathan Franzen Blows Two Shakespeare Questions on Jeopardy! (2016-05-20): Jonathan Franzen blew two easy questions about Shakespeare on Jeopardy! He nailed the Bird category, though, and won money for the American Bird Conservancy.

  • Kevin Spacey Discusses New Documentary, Playing Shakespeare's Richard III (2014-05-02): House of Card star Kevin Spacey discusses his other passion: Shakespeare. He has a new documentary about the world tour of Richard III in which he plays the power hungry king.

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  • 400-year-old Shakespeare Volume Recovered Intact After Theft (2008-07-12):

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