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  • Diana G. Gallagher on Media Tie-in Books (2000-01-01): Diana G.

  • A Conversation With Greg Bear (1999-12-01): Greg Bear is one of modern science fiction's great writers.

  • A Conversation With Orson Scott Card (1999-09-01): Author Orson Scott Card talks about the Ender's series, Enchantment, the Mormon church, music, common writing mistakes, the Ender's Game movie and more!

  • Internet Research Resources for Science Fiction Writers (1999-01-01): Science fiction writers can find enormous amounts of useful material on the Internet from story ideas to verification of science facts.

  • Avon's New SF Imprint Eos Launches With Online Convention (1998-01-09): Avon Books launches its new science fiction and fantasy imprint, Eos, named after the Goddess of the Dawn, this Saturday with a publishing first -- an online convention or "Con" as they are known.

  • Interview with Lou Aronica (1997-12-01): Lou Aronica, Senior Vice President and Publisher for Avon Books, has been editing and publishing science fiction and fantasy literature throughout his entire career.

  • Spotlight On... OMNI Magazine (1997-09-01): A look at OMNI magazine online and an interview with fiction editor and executive producer Ellen Datlow.