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Here are the latest posts about AI and Robot Writers on Writers Write:

  • OpenAI Group Won't Release Dangerous AI Text Generator (2019-03-27): OpenAI Group created a powerful AI text generator and then warned the public that it is too dangerous to be released.

  • The Algorithm That Predicts Whether a Novel Will Be a Bestseller (2016-07-11): Jodie Archer and Matt Jockers have created an algorithm to determine if a novel will be a bestseller. They claim a successful prediction rate of 80%.

  • Google's AI Writes Poetry After Reading Thousands of Romance Novels (2016-05-19): Google's AI has written several poems after reading thousands of romance novels.

  • Robots Writing Over 1,000 Stories Per Month for the Associated Press (2015-01-31): Over 1,000 stories per month are being written by computers for the Associated Press. These stories tend by droll financial articles.

  • TransProse Algorithm Turns Literature into Music (2014-05-19): An algorithm, named TransProse, turns literature into music. The program translates the basic emotions of the novel into a musical piece.

  • Forbes Goes to the Dark Side: Uses Artificial Intelligence Software to Write Earnings Previews (2012-02-25): Forbes magazine has gone to the dark side.

  • Computer Programs Are Already Being Used to Write Sports News (2011-09-12): The weak economy and downward spiral of the newspaper and print magazine industry have been very tough on journalists.

  • I Write Like Site Tells You Which Famous Author You Write Like (2010-07-16): The I Write Like site from Coding Robots analyzes your writing and tells you which famous writer you write like.

  • Software Programs Attempt to Analyze the Emotion in Our Writing (2009-05-09): New Scientist has an interesting article about how the latest software aims to analyze the emotion in our onlnie writing, including our blog posts and tweets.

  • Computers to Judge Writing Skills of Humans (2005-05-11): A new technology which allows student essays to be graded by a computer.

  • Computers to Replace Novelists? (2004-11-22): So far writers have had it pretty easy in the digital age.