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Here are the latest posts about Reddit on Writers Write:

  • Image Sharing Site Imgur Raises $40 Million (2014-04-03): Imgur, a popular image sharing site on social media, has raised $40 million in an investment round.

  • PBS Off Book Explores Reddit (2012-07-04): PBS Off Book explores Reddit, a link sharing community founded in 2005 that does a great job of interest news and content.

  • Wordpress, Boing Boing, Reddit, Wikipedia Among Sites Going Dark to Protest SOPA and PIPA (2012-01-18): Wordpress.

  • Reddit Plans Black Out on Jan 18 to Protest PIPA/SOPA Legislation (2012-01-10): Reddit has announced it will black out its regular content on January 18th from 8am to 8pm to protest the PIPA/SOPA legislation.

  • Amazon Web Services Failure Takes Down Reddit (2011-04-22): The social news website Reddit was one of the websites impacted when Amazon Web Services servers began experiencing problems.

  • Should Digg Fear Pligg? (2007-01-06): A post on Cornwall SEO asks if open source software products like the Pligg CMS could lead to the downfall of Digg.

  • Conde Nast Buys Reddit (2006-10-31): TechCrunch reports that Conde Nast, a magazine publisher with titles including Wired, Vogue and Glamour, has acquired the Reddit memedigger.