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Here are the latest posts about Mashable on Writers Write:

  • BuzzFeed Cuts 2016 Revenue Projections After Missing 2015 Target (2016-04-12): BuzzFeed reportedly lowers its 2016 revenue projections by 50% after missing its 2015 revenue target.

  • Mashable Announces Layoffs, Scraps World News and Politics Coverage (2016-04-07): Mashable has announced layoffs. Most of the layoffs are editorial jobs covering general news and politics.

  • Report: CNN in Talks to Acquire Mashable (2012-03-13): Reuters reports that CNN is in talks to buy Mashable.

  • Mashable's Google+ Profile Morphs Into Pete Cashmore (2011-07-22): Google+ Product Manager Christian Oestlien asked businesses to refrain from creating Google+ profiles earlier this month.

  • Will Google Delete Ford and Mashable's Google+ Profiles? (2011-07-08): Google+ Product Manager Christian Oestlien says Google+ is currently being optimized for consumers.