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Here are the latest posts about Margaret Atwood on Writers Write:

  • Margaret Atwood Dons an Octopus Hat to Accept Red Tentacle Award (2016-03-09): Margaret Atwood has won the 2015 Kitschies Red Tentacle Award for best novel. She wore an octopus fascinator to accept the British award for fantastic fiction.

  • Margaret Atwood Pens Superhero Graphic Novel for Dark Horse Comics (2015-12-09): Margaret Atwood has created a new superhero for Dark Horse Comics. Angel Catbird is part owl, part man and part cat.

  • Margaret Atwood Contributes Inaugural Manuscript to the Future Library (2015-05-26): Margaret Atwood is the first author to contribute a book to the Future Library. The books will be printed in 100 years.

  • Margaret Atwood and Kathleen Jamie Win 2014 Orion Book Award (2014-05-08): Margaret Atwood and Kathleen Jamie are the winners of the 2014 Orion Book Award.

  • Wattpad Launches Poetry Prize Judged by Margaret Atwood (2012-08-06): Wattpad, a social reading site, has lanched The Attys, a digital poetry prize that will be judged by Margaret Atwood.

  • Margaret Atwood's New Book is Made of Straw (2011-10-14): Margaret Atwood is trying to pioneer a movement to have books printed on paper made from straw instead of trees.

  • Margaret Atwood Pulls Out of Dubai Festival (2009-02-18): Author Margaret Atwood has pulled out of the debut Dubai literary festival because of the festival's treatment of British author Geraldine Bedell, who was banned from the festival for having a gay character in her novel.

  • Margaret Atwood's Remote-Controlled Autograph Signing Machine Now a Reality (2006-02-21): Booker Award-winning author Margaret Atwood is formally introducing her infamous remote control autograph-signing device.

  • Margaret Atwood and the Remote-Controlled Kissing Device (2005-02-13): The Globe and Mail reports on the firestorm of rumors and controversy which has surrounded critically acclaimed Canadian novelist Margaret Atwood's revolutionary new approach to author signings.