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  • President Obama Will Have First All Digital Presidential Library in Chicago (2017-05-08): Former President Barack Obama and Mrs. Obama unveiled plans for the presidential library in Chicago. The high tech civic center will be all digital.

  • Overdue Library Book Returned 75 Years Later (2017-02-17): An overdue library book was returned 75 years later. The book was Val Rides the Oregon Trail.

  • President Obama Nominates Dr. Carla D. Hayden to be Librarian of Congress (2016-02-25): President Obama has nominated Dr. Carla Hayden to be the next Librarian of Congress. She must be confirmed by the Senate.

  • Japanese Librarians Furious Over Haruki Murakami Privacy Breach (2015-12-03): Japanese librarians are furious about a leak to a newspaper of what books Nobel Prize winning author Haruki Murakami read in high school. The newspaper refused to apologize.

  • Margaret Atwood Contributes Inaugural Manuscript to the Future Library (2015-05-26): Margaret Atwood is the first author to contribute a book to the Future Library. The books will be printed in 100 years.

  • Ferguson Librarian Wins $10,000 Lemony Snicket Prize for Noble Librarians Faced with Adversity (2015-03-30): Ferguson Public Library's Scott Bonner has won the ALA's second annual Lemony Snicket Prize for Noble Librarians Faced with Adversity.

  • James Patterson to Donate $1.25 Million to School Libraries (2015-03-09): Bestselling author James Patterson is donating $1.25 million to school libraries in the U.S. Schools can apply for one of the grants and get bonus points from Scholastic.

  • ISIS Ransacking Libraries in Iraq, Destroying Priceless Literary Treasures (2015-02-05): ISIS is ransacking libraries, museums and universities in Northern Iraq. All non-Islamic texts are being burned as being blasphemous. The damage is devastating.

  • British Court Strikes Down Ban on Sending Books to Prisoners (2015-01-24): The British high court has ruled that books must be struck from the list of items that cannot be sent to prisoners. Many authors campaigned for the ban to be overturned.

  • Hundreds of Copies of The Diary of Anne Frank Vandalized in Japanese Libraries (2014-02-21): Japan vows to investigate the vandalism of hundreds of copies of The Diary of Anne Frank in Tokyo libraries.

  • George Washington Finally Gets His Own Presidential Library at Mount Vernon (2013-09-28): America's first president, George Washington, finally got a presidential library which opened on the grounds of his historic home at Mount Vernon.

  • Supreme Court Upholds First Sale Rule: Librarians Thrilled, Publishers Unhappy (2013-03-20): Librarians and consumers are the big winners after the U.

  • Occupy Wall Street Librarians Suing City of New York Over Book Destruction (2012-05-29): Occupy Wall Street and the OWS Librarians are suing New York City, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Police Commissioner Ray Kelly, and Sanitation Commissioner John Doherty for unconstitutionally seizing their library book during the OWS night raid in Zuccotti Park on November 15, 2011.

  • ALA Extremely Unhappy With Random House's Price Increase to Libraries for Ebooks (2012-03-05): The American Library Association ("ALA") has issued a statement formally asking that Random House reverse last week's decision to raise the price charged libraries for ebooks.

  • Library Sends Police Officer to Collect Overdue Books From 5-Year-Old Girl (2012-01-03): CBS Boston reports that a police officer in Charlton was sent to notify Shannon Benoit, a 5-year-old girl, that her library books were overdue.

  • Launches Digital Lending Library for Kindle Owners (2011-11-03): Amazon has launched a digital book lending library.

  • Custom Built Assouline Library Offered as Gift in Neiman Marcus Christmas Book (2011-10-18): Neiman Marcus has the gift for you if you know someone in need of a fabulous library and you can afford it.

  • Want a Library Card in the U.K.? You'll Need to Provide Your Medical and Sexual History First (2011-08-28): If you'd like to get a library card in the United Kingdom, you may be in for a bit of a surprise when you read the application form.

  • Library Book Returned 122 Years Late (2011-06-26): A book was returned 122 years late to the Camden Council's public library in Sydney, Australia.

  • 2010 Library Lions Honorees Announced (2010-08-16): The New York Public Library's 2010 Library Lions gala will honor five individuals for their contributions to the world of ideas on Monday, November 1, 2010.