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Here are the latest posts about Jonathan Franzen on Writers Write:

  • Jonathan Franzen Sells Out to Adidas (2016-08-10): Jonathan Franzen did a hilarious bit on Seth Meyer's show. He reads from the paperback version of his novel Purity, but his sponsor Adidas wanted some changes to the text.

  • Jonathan Franzen Blows Two Shakespeare Questions on Jeopardy! (2016-05-20): Jonathan Franzen blew two easy questions about Shakespeare on Jeopardy! He nailed the Bird category, though, and won money for the American Bird Conservancy.

  • Jonathan Franzen's Purity Heading to Television (2016-02-17): Daniel Craig is set to star in the television adaptation of Jonathan Franzen's novel Purity. It's being pitched to Showtime, Hulu and Netflix.

  • Jonathan Franzen Reads Stephen Colbert a Terrifying Bedtime Story (2015-10-29): Jonathan Franzen read a bedtime story to Stephen Colbert. It was all about giant online bookstore that gobbled up independents. Now who could the Wolf be?

  • Jonathan Franzen Enviro Shames Chipotle Customers (2015-09-14): Jonathan Franzen has written a short short story for Chipotle which shames customers for drinking out of the paper cup on which the story is printed.

  • Jonathan Franzen is Very Concerned About Technology, Ebooks (2012-01-30): The Telegraph reports that author Jonathan Franzen is very concerned about the future of printed books.

  • Jonathan Franzen's Glasses Stolen at Book Launch Party (2010-10-05): The Bookseller reports that Jonathan Franzen's glasses were stolen at a book launch party last weekend at the Serpentine Gallery in the UK.

  • Jonathan Franzen's Book Sales Boosted by Oprah Pick (2010-09-29): Author Jonathan Franzen wasn't always a fan of Oprah's book club sticker, but times have changed.

  • Author Jonathan Franzen Dislikes Author Videos (2010-08-16): Author Jonathan Franzen is back on the literary radar with his new novel, called Freedom.