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Here are the latest posts about John Updike on Writers Write:

  • John Updike Dead at 76 (2009-01-27): Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist John Updike has died after a battle with lung cancer.

  • Has Updike's Hatred for the Web Hurt His Writing? (2008-08-22): John Keenan of The Guardian reviews John Updike's latest book, The Widows of Eastwick (a follow up to The Witches of Eastwick) and concludes that Updike's freely admitted aversion to the Internet, blogs and other modern conveniences is destroying his writing ability.

  • John Updike Writes a Thriller (2006-06-05): John Updike, known for his literary fiction, short stories and poetry, has penned a thriller called Terrorist.

  • John Updike Rallies The Literati (2006-05-22): Book Expo was a veritable hotbed of controversy as the technorati and the literati squared off over the issues of technology and copyrights.

  • An Evening With Harry, Carrie and Garp (2006-05-17): Stephen King writes to his fans about a program he put together with John Updike and J.K. Rowling.

  • John Updike and Amazon Seek 44 Co-Authors for The Greatest Tale Ever Told (1997-07-30): Engaging in what he describes as "sticking my head into the mouth of the electronic lion," Pulitzer-Prize winning author John Updike has written the beginning of an original story titled "Murder Makes the Magazine" exclusively for online bookseller Amazon.