John Steinbeck

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John Steinbeck was an American author. He wrote novels, nonfiction and short stories. Steinbeck won the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1962. A couple os his most famous novels include Of Mice and Men and the Pulitzer Prize-winning The Grapes of Wrath. Here are the latest Steinbeck posts:

  • Long Lost Steinbeck Short Story Published in The Strand Magazine (2014-11-07): A lost short story by John Steinbeck was found by the editor of The Strand Magazine. The story about a black WWII pilot was read on the radio by Orson Welles in 1944.

  • British Education Secretary Under Fire For Banning American Authors From Official Reading Lists (2014-05-27): British Education Secretary Michael Gove is on the hot seat for dumping To Kill a Mockingbird and other American classics from official school reading lists.

  • Google Doodle Celebrates John Steinbeck's 112th Birthday (2014-02-27): Google celebratges John Steinbeck's 112th birthday with one of its Google Doodles.

  • Court Reverses Steinbeck Copyright Ruling (2008-08-18): A federal appeals court has reversed a prior ruling in favor of John Steinbeck's son and granddaughter.

  • Judge Rules For Family in Steinbeck Copyright Case (2006-06-13): A judge has awarded the publishing rights to some of John Steinbeck's most important novels to Steinbeck's son and granddaughter.