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Here are the latest posts about James Frey on Writers Write:

  • James Frey Sells Rights to YA Novel Endgame to Fox and HarperCollins for $2 Million (2014-01-15): James Frey just sold the film rights to his YA novel Endgame to Fox and the book rights to HarperCollins.

  • James Frey Pens Teen Alien Series for HarperCollins (2009-07-10): James Frey, the author of the discredited, memoir A Million Little Pieces, is now writing science fiction for young adults.

  • The Resurrection of James Frey (2008-05-28): After all the drama, it appears that James Frey has redeemed himself.

  • James Frey Speaks About New Novel and Breaking the Rules (2008-05-01): The James Frey saga continues.

  • James Frey Lands HarperCollins Contract (2007-09-13): He's back again.

  • Nan Talese Talks Oprah and James Frey (2007-07-31): Legendary publisher and editor Nan Talese, who is the Senior Vice President of Doubleday and the Publisher and Editorial Director of Nan A.

  • James Frey and Publisher Settle Lawsuit (2006-09-07): James Frey and his publisher Random House have settled the lawsuit brought by disgruntled readers who said they were defrauded into thinking the bestselling book A Million Little Pieces was nonfiction, when in fact it was mostly fiction.

  • James Frey and Random House Settle Fraud Lawsuit (2006-09-07): The New York Times reports that Random House and James Frey have reached an agreement in connection with the lawsuit over A Million Little Pieces, Frey's so-called memoir that turned out to be mostly fiction.

  • James Frey Caused Oprah to Gain Weight (2006-03-31): The National Enquirer reports that the damage that author James Frey wreaked upon Oprah Winfrey apparently lingers on.

  • Nonfiction Authors Feeling the Frey Fallout (2006-03-03): Carol Memmet at USA Today investigates the effect that the James Frey disaster is having on nonfiction writers.

  • Reading Frey With No Novocaine (2006-02-08): William Loizeaux of the Christian Science Monitor ponders the implications of the James Frey/Million Little Pieces debacle and how it will affect the genre itself in the future.

  • Nan Talese Takes the Fall (2006-02-02): The New York Observer delves into the James Frey/Nan Talese ritual humiliation on The Oprah Winfrey Show.

  • Frey Fallout Continues (2006-01-30): It looks like the fallout from the James Frey/Million Little Pieces controversy is continuing.

  • Will Publishers Now Ask the James Frey Question? (2006-01-28): The Chicago Tribune has an article about what changes may occur in the publishing industry when it comes to buying new memoirs now that James Frey was skewered on the Oprah Winfrey Show? Morgan Entrekin, president and publisher of Grove/Atlantic, told the Tribune, "From now on, it would be a very slow-witted publisher who wouldn't ask The James Frey Question: 'What exactly have you done with the truth in this memoir?'" The Tribune says future memoirs will likely contain a prologue or preface.

  • Oprah Cuts Frey Into A Million Little Pieces (2006-01-27): Oprah Frey had James Prey on her show to answer questions about his lying and she cut him into a million little pieces.

  • James Frey to Face the Music on Oprah (2006-01-25): It's time for James Frey to face the music: tomorrow, January 26, 2006, the author will appear once again on The Oprah Winfrey Show to discuss the controversy surrounding his drug addiction memoir, A Million Little Pieces.

  • Tribune Article Claims Frey Scoop for MSM (2006-01-21): Steve Johnson, the Chicago Tribune's Internet critic, writes that it is really the mainstream media that uncovered the scoop that James Frey made up parts of his nonfiction book called A Million Little Pieces.

  • Nan Talese Talks About Frey (2006-01-18): The Observer reports on Nan Talese's repsonse to James Frey's assertions that his editor (Talese) wouldn't publish his book as a novel but demanded that it be sold as a nonfiction memoir.

  • But How Will it Affect the Film Projects? (2006-01-11): The Hollywood Reporter weighs in on the two literary scandals currently occupying Hollywood and the publishing world: the revelation that novelist J.