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Here are the latest posts about Instagram on Writers Write:

  • Instagram Reaches 600 Million User Mark (2016-12-15): Instagram has reached the 600 million user mark. Instagram says 100 million were added in the past six months.

  • Instagram Live Video Rolling Out to U.S. Users (2016-12-12): Instagram Live Video is being rolled out to U.S. users this week. The feature competes with Snapchat.

  • Instagram Unveils New Logo and App Design (2016-05-11): Instagram has unveiled a new look for its logo and its popular photo sharing app.

  • Facebook Battles Shift Away From Personal Sharing (2016-04-10): Facebook is reportedly battling a shift away from personal sharing on its social network.

  • Facebook Attaches Automatic Alternative Text to Photos (2016-04-05): Facebook announced it has started adding automatic alternative text to photos shared on Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and WhatsApp.

  • Instagram Announces Move to Algorithmic Feeds (2016-03-15): Instagram has announced a move to an algorithmic feed. This is similar to what Facebook does with its feed.

  • Instagram Reaches 300 Million Monthly Users (2014-12-10): Instagram says it now has over 300 million monthly users on its photo sharing site.

  • Google Joins Facebook Owned Instagram (2014-05-19): Google has joined Instagram. The first entry shows the Rubki's cube game they posted today.

  • Vice President Joe Biden Joins Instagram (2014-05-03): Joe Biden officially joined Instagram in April. He has been sharing personal photographs and selfies.

  • Instagram Announces 200 Million User Milestone (2014-03-26): Instagram announced today it has reached the 200 million user milestone. They also have exceeded 20 billion photos shared so far.

  • Instagram to Start Displaying Ads (2013-10-10): Instagram to start displaying ads on its website and in users feeds.

  • Instagram Adds Video Sharing Feature (2013-06-20): Instagram has added a video sharing feature. The new tech will help Instagram compete with Twitter and YouTube.

  • Social Network Photo War Begins Just Before the Holidays (2012-12-08): Photographs have always been important for social websites.

  • Instagram Expected to Get $500 Million Valuation After New Funding Round (2012-03-16): Instagram, a popular free iPhone photo sharing app, is expected to be valued at $500 million after a new round of funding.