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Here is the latest coverage of all things ebooks - ebooks, ebook readers and more - from Writers Write:

  • New York Times Dumps Comics and Mass Market Paperback Bestseller Lists (2017-01-31): Publishers and authors were shocked to learn that the New York Times is dropping a number of its bestseller lists, including comics and mass market paperbacks.

  • Apple Distributes Settlement Money to Ebook Customers (2016-06-21): Ebook customers will see a credit in their Amazon, BN, Apple or Kobo accounts today. The credit is Apple's portion of the settlement in the ebook price fixing case.

  • Apple Smacked Down by Supreme Court: Ebook Price Fixing Case is Over (2016-03-07): Apple has lost the ebook price fixing case. The Supreme Court refused to hear the case, so now Apple must pay out $400 million to ebook consumers.

  • Amazon Opens Real Bricks-and-Mortar Bookstore in Seattle (2015-11-03): Amazon has opened its first real physical bookstore in Seattle. It is located in Seattle's University Village.

  • Simon & Schuster and Hotels.com Team Up to Help Bored Travelers (2015-08-20): Simon & Schuster and Hotels.com team up to get bored travelers bestselling ebooks.

  • Apple Loses Ebook Price Fixing Case, Must Pay $450 Million to Consumers (2015-07-06): Apple just lost its appeal in the ebook price fixing case. It will pay $450 million to consumers unless it decides to appeal to the Supreme Court.

  • Scribd Slashes Number of Romance Titles Available (2015-07-02): Scribd is losing money due to voracious readers of romance novels. As a result the company is reducing the number of titles available for monthly subscribers.

  • Court Appointed Monitor Complains About Apple in Latest Report (2015-04-17): Court appointed monitor Michael Bromwich is butting heads with Apple again. In his new report he says no one will talk to him since January.

  • Amazon and HarperCollins Come to Terms, Sign New Deal (2015-04-14): Amazon and HarperCollins have settled their differences and inked a new deal for ebook pricing.

  • Macmillan Reaches Ebook Deal With Amazon (2014-12-23): Macmillan CEO John Sargent announced a new, multiyear deal for print and ebooks with Amazon.com. He wrote to authors explaining how the ebook lawsuit settlement will affect pricing

  • HarperCollins to Provide Ebook Excerpts for JetBlue Passengers (2014-11-26): HarperCollins teams up with JetBlue to provide ebook excerpts on JetBlue's new wifi service.

  • 1,100 German Authors Take Aim at Jeff Bezos and Amazon.com (2014-08-18): 1,100 German authors have penned an open letter to Jeff Bezos taking him to task over his negotiations with Bonnier Group over ebook pricing.

  • Judge Cote Gives Preliminary Approval to Apple Ebook Settlement (2014-08-02): Despite her reservations about some of the terms of the deal, federal judge Denise Cote has given preliminary approval to the Apple ebook settlement.

  • Federal Judge May Not Approve Apple's Ebook Settlement (2014-07-25): Federal Judge Denise Cote is not happy with the terms of the settlement between Apple and the Department of Justice.

  • Apple Settles Ebook Price Fixing Suit With Department of Justice (2014-06-17): In a surprise move, Apple has reversed course and is settling the ebook price fixing case with the U.S. DOJ. The settlement is secret and subject to court approval.

  • Judge Denise Cote Allows Australian Ebook Retailer to Sue Apple, Book Publishers (2014-06-10): Judge Denise Cote has ruled that Australian ebook retailer DNAML may sue Apple and the book publishers in the never-ending ebook price fixing case.

  • Harper Lee Agrees to Ebook Version of To Kill a Mockingbird (2014-04-28): Harper Lee turns 88 today and has has agreed to allow the ebook and digital audio versions of To Kill a Mockingbird to be published by HarperCollins.

  • Authors Guild Attorney Testifies on Capitol Hill About Creating New National Digital Library (2014-04-03): Jan Constantine, the general counsel of the Authors Guild, testifies before Congress about authors' copyrights and the Google digitization project.

  • Waterstone's Founder Says Ebook Revolution is Over (2014-04-02): Waterstone's founder declares that the ebook revolution is over and that print books will prevail.

  • Amazon Issues Credits in Connection With Ebook Price Fixing Settlement (2014-03-26): Amazon has issued credits to customers in connection with the ebook price fixing case in which the publishers settled with the Department of Justice.