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Here are the latest posts about Copyright on Writers Write:

  • Ed Sheeran Wins Copyright Lawsuit Over Marvin Gaye Song (2023-05-04): Ed Sheeran has won a copyright infringement lawsuit filed against him for his song Thinking Out Loud. The suit was brought by the estate of late Ed Townsend.

  • Copyright Infringement Basic Concepts (2016-10-07): Second part of the Basic Copyright Concepts by Claire White. This article discusses copyright infringement.

  • Australian Authors Speak Out Against Government Plan to Change Copyright Laws (2016-06-10): Australian authors, agents, booksellers and publishers have united to fight a proposed change to copyright and import laws that will devastate the industry.

  • Big Bang Theory Producers Sued for Copyright Infringement of Soft Kitty, Warm Kitty Song (2016-01-05): The Big Bang Theory producers are being sued for copyright violations over the song Soft Kitty, Warm Kitty which was written by poet Edith Newlin in 1937.

  • Robin Thicke and Pharrell Hit With $7.4 Million Verdict in Blurred Lines Copyright Infringement Case (2015-03-11): Robin Thicke and Pharrell lost their copyright infringement case. The jury found they infringed the song Got to Give It Up by Marvin Gaye.

  • Robin Thicke's Response to Copyright Lawsuit: He Was Too High to Have Written Blurred Lines (2014-09-15): Robin Thicke and Pharrell Williams' depositions have been released by the judge in the Blurred Lines copyright lawsuit. Thicke was too high to write the song, Williams wrote it.

  • Romance Novelist Rachel Ann Nunes Sues Kindergarten Teacher for Plagiarism (2014-09-08): Women's fiction author Rachel Ann Nunes is suing a teacher for copyright violation and online harassment. The kindergarten teacher is accused of blatant plagiarism.

  • Supreme Court Upholds First Sale Rule: Librarians Thrilled, Publishers Unhappy (2013-03-20): Librarians and consumers are the big winners after the U.

  • Publisher of BitTorrent for Dummies Suing BitTorrent Users for Illegally Sharing For Dummies Books (2011-11-01): anessa LengiesIn an effort to stop video piracy, movie studios have been suing people for copyright infringement for uploading movies using BitTorrent software.

  • Screenwriter Sues Sylvester Stallone For Copyright Infringement Over Expendables Script (2011-10-28): Connecticut screenwriter Marcus Webb is suing Sylvester Stallone, co-author David Callaham, Millennium Films, Nu Image Films unit and Lions Gate Entertainment Corporation for copyright infringement in connection with the screenplay for The Expendables.

  • University of Michigan Library Delays Free Downloads of So Called Orphan Works From Hathitrust (2011-09-19): The University of Michigan Library has reversed its position on allowing free downloads of so called "orphan works" from the HathiTrust.

  • Google Library Project Lawsuit Gets Closer to Trial (2011-09-15): The Google Library Project scanning lawsuit had a status conference today with federal judge Denny Chin.

  • Library Copyright Alliance Blasts Authors Guild for Hathitrust Copyright Lawsuit (2011-09-15): Today the Library Copyright Aliance issued a statement blasting the Authors Guild and the other plaintiffs that are suing HathiTrust, the University of Michigan and four other universities for copyright infringement in connection with the Google Books scanning project.

  • Authors Guild Sues Universities, Hathitrust For Copyright Infringement Over Digitally Scanned Books (2011-09-12): The Authors Guilde is suing several universities for copyright infringement over digitally scanned books.

  • Authors' Groups Write Congress About Google Book Settlement (2010-01-07): Three writers groups have sent a letter to 60 members of Congress listing their reasons for opposing the Google Book Settlement.

  • Stephenie Meyer Stops Work on Fifth Twilight Book to Protest Illegal Leaking of Her Work (2008-09-16): Bestselling author Stephenie Meyer has stopped working on her current book, Midnight Sun, after the unedited manuscript was leaked online.

  • Court Reverses Steinbeck Copyright Ruling (2008-08-18): A federal appeals court has reversed a prior ruling in favor of John Steinbeck's son and granddaughter.

  • J.K. Rowling to Testify in Copyright Case (2008-03-28): J.

  • Jessica Seinfeld Sued For Plagiarism (2008-01-07): Jessica Seinfeld has been sued for plagiarism by Missy Chase Lapine over a kids recipe book.

  • Harry Potter and the Chinese Pirates (2007-08-09): The ink was barely dry on the print runs of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, when the Chinese began cranking out unauthorized, incredibly bizarre stories which illegally use J.