College Writing Skills

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This section covers the skills you need for college, including any entrance tests you need to take such as the ACT or SAT.

  • ACT Writing Test Information - information about the ACT writing test including scoring details.
  • The Lazy Scholar's Guide to Writing A Term Paper - great advice for writing your paper from the Lazy Scholar.

  • College Board Removing Essay and Tough Vocabulary Words From SAT (2014-03-08): The College Board is removing the essay and tough vocabulary words from the SAT

  • SAT Scores for Reading, Writing and Math Hit an All-Time Low (2011-09-16): SAT scores for reading have declined once again.

  • New Zealand to Allow Text-Speak in Exams (2006-11-11): The Associated Press is reporting that New Zealand is going to high school students to use text-speaking or texting acronyms in national exams.

  • Helicopter Parents Writing Kids Resumes (2006-11-08): A lot of people entering the workforce probably seek resume writing advice from adults including their parents but a CNN news story suggests that some parents, known as helicopter parents, may be taking the idea of helping their kids find a job a little too far.

  • Today's Employers Need Workers With Strong Writing Skills (2006-05-10): SHRM Online reports on a study by Communicare Inc.

  • Want to Get Into a Good College? Polish Those Writing Skills (2004-09-09): Mastering the skills and tricks behind multiple choice questions may no longer be enough to get you into college.