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Here are the latest posts about Bookshelves on Writers Write:

  • A Tour of Jane Friedman's Fabulously Bookish Manhattan Duplex (2012-04-20): Jane Friedman has spent her life in book publishing. Her home includes a library with over 10,000 books, bookish wallpaper and more.

  • Circular Bookshelf is Propelled by Walking (2010-05-01): This amazing circular bookshelf moves as a person walks. It would be a very unique reading experience.

  • What Does Your Bookshelf Say About You? (2009-10-24): People's bookshelves can offer fascinating insight about the owner.

  • Circular Bookshelf by Zhdanova Irina (2009-02-23): Here's another unique way to store your books.

  • Job Koelewijn's Infinity Bookshelf (2008-12-06): Dutch artist Job Koelewijn made this impressive lemniscate bookshelf.

  • Kittens and Bookshelves (2008-06-13): Watch this adorable kitten fall asleep in a bookshelf. So adorable!

  • A Bookshelf in the Shape of a Man (2006-06-03): Any Amount of Books, a bookstore in London, is selling an unusual bookshelf called the Bookman that comes in the shape of a man.