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This section includes posts about book recommendations from authors and organizations. You can find a collection of similar lists to help you find great books to read on our Best Books of All Time Lists article.

  • The Books Everyone Lies About Having Read (2016-02-03): The BBC took a poll to discover which books people lie about having read. There are some real surprises on the list.

  • Four Novels on President Obama's Martha's Vineyard Vacation Reading List (2011-08-22): President Obama recently purchased several books at the Bunch of Grapes bookstore in Vineyard Haven, Massachusetts for his Martha's Vineyard vacation.

  • Online Library Computer Center Names Top 1000 Books (2006-03-29): The Online Computer Library Center (the "OCLC") member libraries have named the 2005 list of the "Top 1000" titles: the intellectual works that have been judged to be worth owning by the "purchase vote" of libraries around the globe.