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Here are the latest posts about Banned Books on Writers Write:

  • Young Adult Titles to be Focus of 2015 Banned Books Week (2015-04-24): For the 2015 Banned Books Week, young adult titles will be the focus. YA titles are the most challenged and banned of all books.

  • Books by Sherman Alexie and Toni Morrison Make List of Most Banned Books (2015-04-14): Sherman Alexie's The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian and Toni Morrison's The Bluest Eye are two of the most banned books of 2014.

  • Cory Doctorow's YA Book Little Brother Banned in Florida School (2014-06-12): Cory Doctorow fights back after a principal cancels entire summer reading program so no one could read Little Brother.

  • ALA Announces Top Ten Most Challenged Books for 2012 (2013-04-16): The American Library Association's Office for Intellectual Freedom has released a list of the most banned books in 2012.

  • ALA's Top Ten List of the Most Frequently Challenged Books of 2010 (2011-05-10): The ALA recently released its list of the ten Most Frequently Challenged Books of 2010.

  • Novels by Lauren Myracle, Stephenie Meyer on ALA's Most Challenged Book List (2010-04-15): Lauren Myracle's bestselling young adult novel series ttyl, which are written in the style of instant messaging, topped the American Library Association's (ALA) Top Ten list of the Most Frequently Challenged Books of 2009.

  • Children's Book About Gay Penguins Tops Banned Book List (2009-10-07): In 2008, the American Liberary Associated recorded 513 cases where books were targeted for censorship.

  • Newberry Medal Winner Banned From Libraries (2007-02-20): The Higher Power of Lucky, which won the prestigious Newberry Medal, has been banned from a number of school libraries in the South and West because the word "scrotum" appears on the first page.

  • Top Five Most Challenged Books in 2005 (2006-09-28): This week (September 23-30) is Banned Books Week.

  • Celebrating the Freedom to Read (2005-09-29): The Book Standard is running an interesting series of articles celebrating Banned Books Week, the week that the American Library Association ("ALA") encourages everyone to go out and read all those books that various special interest groups want banned.

  • Harry Potter Among 100 Most Challenged Books in Banned Books Week List (2000-09-25): The American Library Association has published a list of the most 100 most frequently challenged books for Banned Books Week.