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Here are the latest posts about The Authors Guild on Writers Write:

  • Authors Guild Survey Reveals Declining Earnings for Writers (2019-01-07): A book author income survey from The Authors Guild found a steep decline in earnings for authors over the past decade.

  • Author Incomes Have Plummeted in Last Six Years (2015-09-16): Income for both full time and part time writers has plummeted in the last six years according to a new Authors Guild survey.

  • Amazon Explains Its Theories of Ebook Pricing and Author Royalties (2014-08-01): explains its theories about ebook pricing, its battle with Hachette and calls for increase on author royalties for ebooks.

  • The Amazon Hachette War: For Authors, It's Personal Now (2014-07-11): The Amazon Hachette war escalated this week when Amazon offered 100% royalties to authors. But Hachette and bestelling authors say no deal.

  • Authors Guild Attorney Testifies on Capitol Hill About Creating New National Digital Library (2014-04-03): Jan Constantine, the general counsel of the Authors Guild, testifies before Congress about authors' copyrights and the Google digitization project.

  • Roxana Robinson Elected as the New President of the Authors Guild (2014-03-17): Roxana Robinson has been elected as the new president of the Authors Guild. Judy Blume, Richard Russo, and James Shapiro will be vice presidents.

  • Google Wins Big as Judge Rules Against Authors Guild in Decade Long Book Scanning Case (2013-11-15): Google is celebrating tonight as Judge Denny Chin rules that the book scanning project constitutes fair use under copyright laws. Authors Guild is devastated, vows to appeal.

  • Authors Guild Extremely Critical of Penguin Random House Merger (2012-11-05): The Authors Guild is not happy with the prospect of a merger between Penguin and Random House, which it calls "unsettling".

  • Federal Judge Rules Against Authors Guild in Hathitrust-Google Book Scanning Case (2012-10-11): Publishers Weekly reports that the Authors Guild suffered a stinging defeat in the Google scanning/Hathitrust lawsuit.

  • Author's Guild Not Happy With Amazon Lending Library (2011-11-15): The Author's Guild is extremely unhappy with Amazon.

  • Ursula Le Guin Resigns From Authors Guild Over Google Book Settlement (2009-12-28): Science fiction superstar Ursula LeGuin has resigned her membership in the Authors Guild, saying that the group had "made a deal with the devil" by supporting the Google Book Settlement.

  • Furious Row at Frankfort Book Fair May Lead to EU Being Dropped From Google Book Settlement (2009-10-19): Due to massive resistance to the Google Book Settlement in Europe, all European Union books might be entirely left out from the deal, according to The Bookseller.

  • Google Book Settlement Hearing Postponed (2009-09-22): As expected, the October 7 hearing in the Google Book Settlement case is going to be postponed so that Google can revise the settlement agreement to the Justice Department's satisfaction.

  • Authors Guild Slams Amazon for Stance Against Google Book Settlement (2009-09-08): The Authors Guild has slammed Amazon.

  • Google Copyright Lawsuit Settlement Delayed Again (2009-04-29): In a surprise ruling the judge in the Google Book Search copyright lawsuit has agreed to a four month extension requested by a group of authors.

  • Authors Guild Stands Firm on Simon and Schuster Allegations (2007-05-25): The Authors Guild was unimpressed by Simon and Schuster's defense of its new standard author contract.

  • Authors Guild Presses Members to Negotiate Ebook Royalties (2004-06-18): The Authors Guild has urged its members to focus on ebook royalties during contract negotiations.

  • iUniverse Renews Partnership with Authors Guild (2003-10-24): iUniverse announced that it has renewed its agreement to provide on-demand publishing services to members of the Authors Guild, an organization of published authors.

  • Authors Guild Disapproves of Contract (2001-05-18): The Authors Guild has warned its members and other writers to approach iPublish.