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Here are the latest posts about Author Earnings on Writers Write:

  • Authors Guild Survey Reveals Declining Earnings for Writers (2019-01-07): A book author income survey from The Authors Guild found a steep decline in earnings for authors over the past decade.

  • Michael Wolff Makes Forbes 2018 List of World's Highest Paid Authors (2018-12-16): James Patterson, J.K. Rowling and Stephen King are the top earning authors in the world 2018 according to Forbes. Michael Wolff is also on this year's list.

  • Author Incomes Have Plummeted in Last Six Years (2015-09-16): Income for both full time and part time writers has plummeted in the last six years according to a new Authors Guild survey.

  • HarperCollins Offers Authors Extra 10% Royalty For Using New Ecommerce Platform (2014-10-06): HarperCollins authors who use the new ecommerce platform will earn an additional 10% royalty on book sales. It's like an affiliate program for authors.

  • James Patterson, Danielle Steel Top Forbes' List of Top Earning Authors (2011-08-18): Forbes has compiled a list of the Highest Paid Authors.

  • Stephen King Made $80,000 From Digital Short Story (2010-11-03): Steven King's "Ur" novella was written exclusively for the Kindle.

  • Forbes Lists the Ten Highest-Paid Authors (2010-08-22): Forbes has a story containing details about the top ten highest earning authors.

  • President Obama's Book Income Revealed (2010-04-17): President Obama's 2009 tax return was recently made public.

  • Amazon Apologizes For Sales Ranking Glitch (2009-04-14): Amazon.

  • New HarperCollins Imprint Won't Pay Author Royalties (2008-04-03): The New York Times reports that HarperCollins is forming a new publishing group that won't pay author advances, but instead will use a profit-sharing plan.

  • The Rise of the Fictomercial in Advertising (2007-02-22): So what's a fictiomercial? It's part of the growing trend of non-traditional ways to advertise products which has grown to a $2 billion business.

  • Product Placement Biz Booming in Novels (2006-06-12): Motoko Rich of The New York Times discusses the booming business of product placement in novels.

  • Being An Author Is Glamorous Again (2006-04-25): British students are now flocking to creative writing courses taught by published authors in droves.

  • Writers and Charity: Dirty Money? (2004-10-03): Bestselling author Erica Jong has an interesting essay in the New York Times today about writers, money and charities.

  • Authors Guild Presses Members to Negotiate Ebook Royalties (2004-06-18): The Authors Guild has urged its members to focus on ebook royalties during contract negotiations.