April Fool's Day

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April Fool's Day falls on April 1st. It is a day when foolish jokes and lighthearted pranks are allowed. This sometimes gets out of hand on the Internet.

  • ThinkGeek's April Fool's Day Products Include Where's Barb Book (2019-04-01): ThinkGeek is back when a new batch of April Fool's products. The products include a Stranger Things themed book called Where's Barb?

  • LinkedIn Adds Cats You May Know Feature (2014-04-01): LinkedIn has added a new feature called Cats You May Know for April Fool's Day

  • April Fool's Day: Lemony Snicket and Malcolm Gladwell in Major Plagiarism Scandal (2014-04-01): April Fool's Day: Lemony Snicket accuses NY Times bestselling author of plagiarism of the words if, I, You, That and You. A furious Gladwell threatens Snicket in return.

  • Twitter Announces Launch of Twttr, a Vowel Free Twitter (2013-04-01): Twitter has announced the launch of a Twttr, a vowel-free version of Twitter and plans to start charging for the regular (now premium) Twitter.

  • April Fool's: Guardian Launches Guardian Goggles (2013-04-01): The Guardian took a clever April Fool's spin on Google Glass with the launch of the Guardian Goggles.

  • April's Fool's: Google's Levity Algorithm Helps Liven Up Office Meetings (2013-04-01): Google has launched the Levity Algorithm on April 1st.

  • April Fool's Jokes 2007 (2007-04-01): It is difficult to take much news seriously today with all the fakes and jokes being published.