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A logline is a short description of a movie or television show. It is usually only a sentence in length. The synopsis is used to pitch a movie script or TV show to a studio. A logline should highlight the most interesting aspect of the movie.

A logline should make a producer want to read the script to learn more.

Logline and Tagline Difference

A tagline is not the same as a logline. A tagline is what you see on movie posters. A tagline does not explain the movie enough to be used as a logline.

For example, a tagline used on a movie poster for Scott Pilgrim Vs The World was "An epic of epic epicness." That is entertaining when seen on a movie poster but it does nothing to explain the film. You can see a list of taglines here. Taglines are also generally shorter than a logline.

Help Writing Loglines

Here are some helpful resources offering information about how to write loglines.

Here's a video about how to write a logline from The Script Lab. It uses the Argo logline as an example: