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Stephen J. Cannell Screenwriting Seminar

The following are the materials from a live seminar presented by Writers Write, Inc. and Stephen J. Cannell, which took place on Stephen J. Cannell is the Emmy® award-winning producer/creator of over 35 television shows including The Rockford Files, The A-Team, The Commish, Wiseguy, Greatest American Hero, Hunter and Silk Stalkings, and bestselling author of The Plan (William Morrow), Final Victim (William Morrow), King Con (William Morrow), Riding the Snake (William Morrow) and The Tin Collectors (St. Martin's Press).

If you missed the one-day Seminar, here's your chance to get all of the materials, and have access to Mr. Cannell's inside tips and techniques for being a successful writer -- free of charge. The Seminar Materials include a lecture, writing exercises, and the transcript of the Live Question and Answer session which lasted approximately 3 hours.

Screenwriting Lecture by Stephen J. Cannell
Part One: Discipline
Part Two: Choosing Your Story
Part Three: Characters
Part Four: What is Three Act Structure?
Part Five: Tips: Other Things to Thing About

Question and Answer
Click here for Part One of the Question and Answer Session.
Click here for Part Two of the Question and Answer Session.

Writing Exercises
Click here for the writing exercises.

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