Printable Bookmarks

The Internet is packed with printable bookmarks of multiple varieties and styles. Readers like having visually pleasing bookmarks to save their place. The cost of great color printers - including color laser printers - have been falling and this has led to a rise in home color printing. The cost of ink is not falling but it still does not cost much to print out a few bookmarks at home.

There are thousands of different designs available. Readers also like bookmarks featuring their favorite characters and stories. Some bookmarks also have quotes from famous stories and books. This article will connect you to some great places to find printable bookmarks. It also provides information about how you can make your own bookmarks using Microsoft Word.

Pinterest is a great place to look for printable bookmarks. The graphic layout of Pinterest makes it easy to view vertically oriented graphics. This is the same way bookmarks are used in a book. If you search Pinterest for "printable bookmarks" you will come across many fun and attractive designs. You can add more keywords to get different results, such as "harry potter printable bookmarks" or "seuss printable bookmarks." Or instead of "seuss," try Christmas, Bible, coloring, cute, black and white, etc.

Deviantart is another great source for printable bookmarks. You can some of the most popular bookmarks here.

If you are looking a unique printable bookmark you might try Etsy. Here the printable bookmarks range in price from $2 to $5.

Free Printable Bookmarks

Here are some great free printable bookmark sources.

We are Teachers has some cute free printable bookmarks that include book ninja and book nerd bookmarks.

Hanna Nilsson Designs has some bookmarks with black and white designs.

Disney Family has a downloadable PDF with eight bookmarks featuring Disney characters.

TipJunkie has rounded up some very cute free printable bookmarks that include animal bookmarks, feather quote bookmarks and more.

Joann has a set of three printable bookmarks available including one that says "I Read Past My Bedtime."

Instruck Studio offers a free printable bookmark PDF of pretty floral bookmarks.

The Walking Mombie offers free cool animal bookmark sets.

Smitha Katti offers some free coloring bookmarks in a PDF format.

The Kitchen Table Classroom has a free DIY Monster Origami bookmark.

Red Ted Art has double sided printable cupcake and flower bookmarks.

Make Your Own Printable Bookmarks

There is dedicated desktop publishing software for making bookmarks but it can also be done with word. Here are videos from Tech Gramma and eHow about making bookmarks with Word.

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