Printable Greeting Cards

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Printable greeting cards are cards that you can print yourself use a computer and a printer. These types of cards are easily customizable so you don't have to rely on the greeting card verses found on store shelves.

You can print greeting cards using any type of paper but pre-scored card paper is designed for greeting cards and helps you get a crisp fold on your printed card.

Online Printable Card Sources

There are many websites offering downloadable templates or online card customization. Here are a few of the top sites.

Make and Print Your Own with Microsoft Word

Some good easy tips for creating a greeting card template using Microsoft Word can be found at LCI Paper and Online Tech Tips.

LCI Paper also provides this video for doing it yourself at home with Microsoft Word. A Birthday Card for a boy named Davey is used as an example.

Greeting Card Paper

A good cardstock paper for printing greeting cards are the Avery Half-Fold Greeting Cards, Inkjet, 5.5 x 8.5, which can be found on

Here are a few other types of greeting card stock available:

You can find many other forms of greeting card paper online and at crafts and office supply stores. You may test a few different types by varying weight, thickness and glossiness to see what works best for you. A good article about the different weight and thickness of cardstock can be found at printmoz.

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