Get a Random Fact on Google

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This is more of a fun trivia tool than a serious research aide. You are probably familiar with Google's "I'm Feeling Lucky" button. The button takes you directly to the #1 Google result for the keyword.

Google also has an "I'm feeling curious" trick. If you type "I'm feeling curious" into the Google search bar, Google will display the answer to a random trivia question.

The result includes a question followed by a short answer and a link. For example, Google returned the question, "When was the last 2 dollar bill printed?" when we used the I'm feeling curious trick. The result also provides a blue button you can click to ask another question. Google also revealed to us that chickens outnumber people by about three to one. Thanks Google. Now we will stay up late worrying about a chicken uprising.

Google Random Facts Trick

A few other fact questions we received included Do Huntsman make webs?, When was the typewriter invented?, How many paintings are their in the Louvre Museum? and What makes something acidic or basic?

The "I'm feeling curious" trick has been around since as long ago as 2015. You can find more Google tricks and techniques in our article, Effective Use of Google.