Welcome to the research section on Writers Write. Writers need tools to help them locate and stay current on information. They also need to research efficiently because time is a precious commodity for a busy writer. Here we have collected resources about search engines, reference sites and online tools to help you complete your research projects. We have also provided advice about how to best use some of these tools.

Effective Use of Google
Learn Google search techniques, search operators and more so you can find what you need more quickly.

Search Engine Links
Don't miss our large collection of search engine links which contain categorized links to hundreds of search engines.

Online Research Advice and Tips
Here you will find advice and tips for using search engines and doing research online. You will also find direct links to search engine help pages, research articles and other research resources.

Converting Celsius to Fahrenheit
This article includes conversion formulas, handy charts and information about using search engines to convert from Celsius to Fahrenheit.

Research Resources
Be sure to visit this section if you are starting your online research. It contains hundreds of categorized links with descriptions for some of the best reference websites available on the Web.

Search Tools
Our collection of search tools contains links to browser help pages, web plug-ins, bookmarking tools, intelligent agents and web surfing software downloads.

Find many useful articles and information about grammar rules, proper usage and style.

Google Alerts
Google Alerts are a great and easy way to stay current on one of your research topics.

Random Facts with Google
This is a fun way to get random trivia facts and answers using Google.

Find resources for experts and answers to questions on everything from computer help to science.