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Journalists and writers often consult experts when they are researching a topic. These experts can be a college professor, a business executive, an author of a book, the head of an organization or simply a person known to be knowledgeable about a particular subject. Some experts make themselves available to journalists.

This is a collection of experts resources as well as question and answer resources. Writers and journalists should always double check the information they get. Experts may have differing ideas about a topic and a source can be incorrect. - a question and answer site with a wide variety of questions - information provided as answers to questions

Ask Me Help Desk - A question and answer site containing over 650,000 questions. - how to information on topics including home repair, cooking, crafts and more - this site is a resource that enables professionals a platform to showcase their areas of expertise

Expertise Finder - this is a search engine designed to help you find experts from universities

Instructables - Find instructions on doing a large number of DIY projects in crafts, home, cooking and more.

ProfNet - ProfNet helps connect journalists to expert sources

Q&A Site Comparison - a chart comparing dozens of question and answer websites from Wikipedia

Quora - Quora is described as a place to share information. You will find questions asked and answers by Internet users here.

Reference Desk: Ask the Experts - a collect of links to expert resources from

Sources - Sources is an international guide to expert sources and media spokespeople. It can be browsed and searched.

wikiHow - WikiHow says its goal is to help anyone learn how to do anything.

Yahoo Answers - A popular question and answer site from Yahoo with answers provided by Internet users.

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