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Concrete poetry is a poem that is arranged to resemble its subject matter. For example, a poem about a triangle could be displayed with gradually longer lines so it is in the shape of a triangle. Concrete poetry has also been called pattern or shape poetry.

Concrete poetry is popular with kids and it can be a fun way to introduce children to poetry. The poetry form can be traced back to ancient Greek poets.

Concrete Poem Examples You can also find many more examples of concrete poems with a search for concrete poem on Google images. You can also find some interesting concrete poems on Pinterest.

How to Make a Concrete Poem

Creating a concrete poem requires an extra typographical step in addition to writing your poem. You also need to think visually when designing a concrete poem. You need to decide what your poem subject will be and you need to decide how you want to present the poem. You need to arrange the text of the poem so it fits with your design. You can design a clear representation of the poem's subject or you can use an abstract design. Some poets like to write the poem first while others prefer to first come up with the design for the concrete poem.

Ken Nesbitt has some good tips in his article, "How to Write Concrete Poetry." The article also includes a snowman concrete poem example. Some more tips can be found at Power Poetry.

Animated Concrete Poetry

Some concrete poems are even animated. Here's a fun example of an animated concrete poem by Dudley Wild called "The Slow Train."

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